Anonymous: 14 xxx

I can see spirit orbs with my own eyes without a night vision camera and can sense and feel when spirits are around me, does that count?

Anonymous: 82 x

Almost 1,000 words within 10mins
:-) xx

Anonymous: 15, 43, 71, 98

It’s between Sigma - ‘nobody to love’ and Daughtry - ‘wild heart’ the now.
Speaking in front of people.
Yes, quite a few
:-) xx

Anonymous: 84 and 85

I have brown hair that fades into a dark golden blonde near the bottom.
My eyes change colour depending on the mood I’m in. Sad - green. Happy - blue. Angry - grey.
:-) xx

Anonymous: 28, 38, 100

I don’t limit myself to one genre of music. I listen to everything from pop to rock to electronic to alternative to instrumental. A wide variety.
Probably about 20hrs.
Black, white and silver.
:-) xx

Anonymous: 3 & 4 :-) x

21st July
:-) xx